A challenge has been given to all University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa clubs to show off their school spirit and entrepreneurial skills and they could score big!

The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship has organized the first ever Warrior Club Challenge—a campus-wide creativity challenge to encourage UH Mānoa clubs to come up with innovative strategies to rally UH students to attend UH football games. UH Mānoa clubs will have a chance to practice their entrepreneurial skills and work creativity to master their challenges—$2,000 prizes are on the line.

The clubs have three chances to win. Each club may enter all three categories, however, a club may only win one prize.

Warrior Club Challenge Banner

Competition categories

  • Most creative category
    Prize: $2,000
    The club must devise a strategy to rally their membership and other UH Mānoa students to attend the UH vs Fresno football game at Aloha Stadium on November 14. Once they devise a strategy, the club must produce a 2 minute video that documents their club implementing this strategy.
  • Most spirited category
    Prize: $2,000
    The club must choreograph an original cheer that could be performed at any UH sporting event and produce a video of club members performing the cheer.
  • Most participation category
    Prize: $2,000
    Attend the final event, which includes the tailgate event and UH vs Fresno football game on November 14 at Aloha Stadium. Get as many UH Mānoa students to attend the tailgate and football game to represent their club. The students do not need to be members of the club. The club with the most representation will win the most participation category.


  • Open to UH Mānoa Clubs or RIO (Registered Independent Organization)
  • One submission per club, per category.
  • Clubs must complete the online registration form.
  • Clubs must have a banking account in the club’s name in order to receive a prize.
  • Prizes will not be given to an individual.

Go to the Warrior Club Challenge website for more information, including registration form and rules.