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The Hawaiʻi Supreme Court issued an opinion today vacating the Hawaiʻi State Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) for the Thirty Meter Telescope and the 2014 Circuit Court decision that upheld the granting of the permit.

The court stated that a contested case hearing should have been held before the CDUP was granted and remanded the case, “so that a contested case hearing can be conducted or for other proceedings consistent with the court’s opinion.”

The University of Hawaiʻi released an official statement saying: “The University of Hawaiʻi continues to believe that Maunakea is a precious resource where science and culture can synergistically coexist, now and into the future, and remains strongly in support of the Thirty Meter Telescope. UH is currently reviewing the court’s decision to determine the best path forward.”

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