Infrared images from NOAA’s GOFS and IMA’s MTSAT geostationary satellites. For each of the 15 tropical cyclones this season, a daily image was extracted from the period when the cyclone was active in the Central North Pacific basin.

On Wednesday, March 16, the University of Hawaiʻi, a member of the Pacific Risk Management ʻOhana (PRiMO), will be co-hosting a free community event on disaster preparedness at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center from 3:30 to 7 p.m.

In addition to expert speakers on topics related to insurance, climate adaptation and making cities more resilient, there will be many displays, demonstrations and activities for learning about disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from meteorologists and scientists involved with weather forecasting and emergency management.

The event will feature a speech from His Excellency Enele Sopoaga, the prime minister of Tuvalu who will describe the impacts and adaptation to climate change and sea level rise. Karl Kim, professor of urban and regional planning, executive director of the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center and vice chair of PRiMO will serve as emcee for the event.

About PRiMO

PRiMO began in 2003 as an effort to explore opportunities to enhance communication and collaboration among the ʻohana of organizations involved in risk and emergency management. Since then, PRiMO has transformed into a collaborative consortium of local, national and regional organizations committed to strengthening the resilience of Pacific communities to climate and weather-related hazards, including events such as oil spills and disease outbreak.

PRiMO is comprised of hui (working groups) that bridge the information gap between service providers, decision makers and other stakeholders. Current focus areas include: risk assessment and planning; communications; training and education; indigenous knowledge and the environment; health security; and information access and geospatial technology.

For more information on the conference, visit the PRiMO website.