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students standing next to plane
Honolulu CC’s Aeronautics Maintenance Technology program facility

Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with Honolulu Community College and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to launch a new apprenticeship program to train and recruit local candidates interested in pursuing a career as aviation mechanics.

Hawaiian’s Aircraft Mechanic Apprenticeship Program, in partnership with Honolulu CC’s Aeronautics Maintenance Technology program, will provide valuable on-the-job experience for up to eight candidates as they work toward obtaining their airframes and powerplant license, a Federal Aviation Administration certification.

To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in an accredited airframes and powerplant license FAA school such as Honolulu CC for a minimum of six months, or have previous military or aviation experience and be in the process of obtaining their airframes and powerplant license. Participants who earn their airframes and powerplant license and demonstrate strong performance will be guaranteed a position with Hawaiian Airlines as full-time aircraft mechanics.

Hawaiian Airlines commitment

As one of Hawaiʻi’s largest private business with nearly 6,000 employees, Hawaiian Airlines is committed to developing and hiring local talent for exciting airline careers as it continues to grow its operations. Hawaiʻi’s flagship carrier currently employees more than 250 aircraft mechanics responsible for maintaining an expanding and diverse fleet of interisland and transpacific aircraft.

“As we increase the size of our fleet and connect to new destinations, Hawaiʻi remains our home and hub,” said Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering Jim Landers. “We’re excited to work with Honolulu CC to offer a transition path to a long-term career opportunity for talented individuals right here in our community who are seeking to broaden their horizons.”

“Honolulu Community College is excited to partner with Hawaiian Airlines and the International Association of Machinists to support the development of this unique apprenticeship training initiative,” said Keala Chock, Honolulu CC’s dean of transportation and trades.

aeronautics maintenance students sitting at a table
Honolulu CC’s Aeronautics Maintenance Technology students

Honolulu CC’s Aeronautics Maintenance Technology program

“As Hawaiʻi’s only fully certified aircraft maintenance degree training program in the state, we are constantly exploring opportunities to engage our local workforce to help support our students’ transition into careers,” said Chock. “Labor market information has suggested a very healthy demand for aircraft maintenance technicians over the next five years. In addition, individuals who complete the apprenticeship program will have a great opportunity to earn competitive wages and remain in Hawaiʻi. This could not be a better scenario for our local residents and the state to locally grow our workforce.”

Successful applicants will start the program on September 12 under the supervision of a lead mechanic. They will be paid as a mechanic and perform hands-on repair and preventive maintenance work on Hawaiian Airlines aircraft for up to 18 months and a maximum of 20 hours per week.

—By Billie Lueder

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