Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson, a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa information and computer science professor, has been highlighted in an article about unconventional careers for behavioral scientists. The article, “Here, There, Everywhere,” appears in the September issue of the Association for Psychological Science Observer.

“Here, There, Everywhere” states that roughly 14 percent of Association for Psychological Science members working in academia are doing so in departments other than psychology, behavioral sciences and social sciences. The article features six psychological researchers and their unconventional academic career paths and the scientific perspectives they bring to colleagues and students.

In the article Robertson discusses his work in the area of human–computer interaction. HCI researchers are concerned with the design and use of interactive computing systems, and more broadly with their impact on individuals and society.

Robertson is currently researching how people use social media and new media to understand political issues and to participate in civic life. “My research allows me to participate in the unbelievably fast-paced realm of computing technology,” he said. “It allows me to think about future technologies that are relevant to human experience and behavior, such as wearable technology, the Quantified Self, augmented perception and cognition, social media and civic well-being. It keeps me in contact with other academic and corporate researchers engaged in a hugely diverse realm of activities.”

To read the full article go to the Observer’s website.