The covers of the first two volumes of Teaching Oceania, Militarism and Nuclear Testing, Gender in the Pacific

Teaching Oceania is a new publication series created through the collaboration of scholars from around the Pacific region to address the need for appropriate literature for undergraduate Pacific Islands Studies students throughout Oceania.

Released this week are Volume 1: Militarism and Nuclear Testing and Volume 2: Gender in the Pacific.

The series is designed to take advantage of digital technology to enhance texts with embedded multimedia content, thought-provoking images and interactive graphs. The first volumes (1-4) were drafted in a collective process at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Center for Pacific Islands Studies’ Teaching Oceania workshop in February 2016, and co-sponsored by Kapiʻolani Community College and Brigham Young University Hawaiʻi.

Each volume is accessible as an interactive iBook (to be opened in iBooks software on Mac computer, iPad or iPhone) and also in PDF format with free PDF reader software. In the PDF version, links to media are provided and may be accessed where internet connectivity is available. In sites with limited internet or computer access for individual students, it is strongly recommend that the materials be projected, shared and explored in classroom settings.

For more information about these particular volumes or future volumes, please contact Julianne Walsh at (808) 956-2668 or by email.