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Journal Cover for Manoa Horizons, A journal of undergraduate research, creative work and innovations
Mānoa Horizons Volume I

Mānoa Horizons, a new peer-reviewed academic journal featuring high quality creativity, innovation and research conducted and synthesized by undergraduate students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, has published its first issue this fall.

Under the editorship of Christine Beaule, Mānoa Horizons represents a partnership among the UH Mānoa’s Honors Program, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and the honors faculty.

The journal will be published annually in the fall and include undergraduate work conducted or completed during the previous academic year. Each annual issue is published simultaneously on the journal’s website and in print. The print issue includes selected outstanding works, as well as the titles and abstracts of additional selections published in full on the journal’s website.

Featured inaugural titles include:

  • “To Come Out is to Uphold and Liberate: The Hegemony and Queerness of Christian Closets,” Jonathan Omuro
  • “Quantifying Atmospheric Fallout of Fukushima-Derived Radioactive Isotopes in Mushrooms in the Hawaiian Islands,” Trista McKenzie
  • “Conceptual Design of Kewalo Basin and Kupu Hawaiʻi’s Youth Facility,” Kristoffer Jugueta
  • “Autism-Spectrum Disorder: Testing Perceptions of Reality through the Monty Hall Problem,” Sakaria Auelua-Toomey
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