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A History of Hawaii third edition book cover

The third edition of A History of Hawaiʻi, considered to be one of the best comprehensive accounts of Hawaiʻi’s history, is now available. The book spans centuries, from 1778 to present day, and is organized by time frame and theme. Governmental, economic, social and land history are explored through primary documents, political cartoons, stories, poems, graphs, maps, timelines and a glossary. The text includes biographies of many cultural practitioners and activists.

The book has an accompanying teacher’s manual and features skill set activities in each chapter with prompts for students to think about the material in the context of their own lives. The new text delves further into Hawaiian cultural and political movements from the overthrow and annexation to the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage. Focus on 2016 issues includes education, homelessness, rail development, sovereignty and the Thirty Meter Telescope conflict among other topics.

A History of Hawaiʻi was produced by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Education Curriculum Research and Development Group and co-authored by Emeriti Professors Eileen H. Tamura and Linda K. Menton and University Laboratory School Teacher Leah Tau-Tassill.

“Our History of Hawaiʻi text is one of a kind,” said UH Mānoa College of Education Dean Donald B. Young. “Previous editions have been used throughout Hawaiʻi’s schools. The third edition, thoroughly researched and classroom tested, adds more recent history and new classroom interactive activities that connect students to this place. Used as a classroom text, teacher reference or simply a good read, this book makes an important contribution to understanding Hawaiʻi and its economic, social and political history.”

A History of Hawaiʻi, third edition, is available from the Curriculum Research and Development Group website.

—By Jennifer Parks

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