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The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa ranked 12 in the LendEDU 20 Best Colleges for Outdoor Sports and Recreation Report. The report lauded Mānoa campus as one of the best in the country for outdoor fitness and learning opportunities.

The report took into account proximity to off-campus outdoor experiences and locations, great weather and notable on-campus natural beauty, school-sponsored activities and opportunities for academic work in the natural world.

“We give students a way to try new activities, safely, that they may never have had access to when they were younger,” said UH Student Recreation Services Assistant Director Andy Johnson. “It is nice to know that the UH Student Recreation Service is making a positive impact on campus.” Johnson notes that higher education provides an ideal space for students to make decisions on their own about their activities, and UH’s many recreational outlets give them many choices.

The LendEDU ranking stated, “Dramatic mountain ridges and stunning beaches are all close by, so students can run, hike, bike, swim and surf to their heart’s content.” UH Mānoa is home to the accredited Lyon Arboretum, which has been recognized for its natural beauty and resources.

School-sponsored outdoor activities were another notable area. UH Mānoa’s Student Recreation Services provide a variety of outdoor classes including surfing, sailing, hiking, scuba diving and more. The services also include rentals on outdoor sports and recreation equipment for UH Mānoa students. Intramural sports offer opportunities for students to get fresh air outside.

“Having a great campus with various different outdoor activities to choose from encourages students to get out of their rooms and be a part of the college community,” said said Alex Coleman, LendEDU director of business development “Without question, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa has created an environment that promotes the outdoors. In addition to your own doing, the natural setting and location of the campus add to your current efforts to make your college truly notable.”

UH Mānoa has been highly ranked in previous “most beautiful campus” lists by and

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