Each year, the chancellor recognizes the leadership and service of University of UH at Mānoa faculty, staff and students committed to enhancing the university’s mission of excellence. The 2017 Awards ceremony was held on May 1 at Orvis Auditorium*.

2017 U H Manoa Award Honorees
The 2017 UH Mānoa Awards Ceremony honorees.

2017 Mānoa Awards winners

Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Service to the Community

The Robert W. Clopton Award for Outstanding Service to the Community recognizes a UH Mānoa faculty member for playing a socially significant role by applying intellectual leadership and academic expertise to the improvement of the community.

  • James H. Pietsch, professor at the William S. Richardson School of Law
    Known as Mr. Elder Law for inaugurating this specialized field of law in UH, his stellar reputation in the medical, social work and legal community places him at the nexus for legal and ethics consultation on the multiple and complex issues that arise at the end of life. (more)

Mānoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

The Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching recognizes Mānoa faculty members who have made significant contributions to teaching and student learning.

  • Michael Cheang, associate professor at the Department of Family and Consumer Services
    Over the past 20 years Cheang has evolved his role as an educator from that of a teacher, to that of a facilitator and learning partner. His teaching is grounded in learning theories and aligned with research on best practices across the nation. (more)
  • Gretchenjan Gavero, assistant professor at the John A. Burns School of Medicine
    Gavero’s teaching philosophy is built on four tenets: an attitude of gratitude for opportunities to learn and to give back, a strength-based approach toward each and every learner, being attentive to the dynamic nature of learning and the generation gap between teachers and learning and the inherently collaborative nature of learning.(more)
  • Jenifer Griswold, assistant professor at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
    Griswold strives to engage students through innovative labs, challenging problem-solving projects, peer-to-peer interaction and real-world examples of the principles of the field. (more)
  • Daniel E. Harris-McCoy, assistant professor at the Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
    Harris-McCoy is described as an innovative teacher who has inspired a renewed interest among students for studying the classics. (more)
  • Scott T. Kikiloi, assistant professor at the UHnuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge
    Kikiloi adeptly draws from many schools of thought from ancient, sacred, contemporary and disciplinary canons to engage students in critical teaching and learning in Hawaiian studies. (more)
  • Vickery K. Lebbin, teaching librarian at Hamilton Library
    Lebbin’s goal is for students to gain an understanding of what sources are, why they matter and how to use them ethically and convincingly. (more)

Mānoa Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service

The Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service honors Mānoa staff members who demonstrate outstanding work performance, service and leadership.

  • Tae Song Ku, landscaper at the Landscaping Department
    Ku has been with UH for 21 years. He works hard to ensure campus safety and to ensure that the campus provides a safe learning environment for faculty, staff and students. (more)
  • Trent Hata, assistant administrator at the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
    Hata, a 30-year employee, has served six county administrators and provides invaluable stability and continuity with his uncompromising integrity, strong management skills and attention to detail. (more)
  • Laurie Onizuka, department secretary at the Department of Political Science
    Onizuka keeps her office running efficiently while maintaining a cheerful demeanor and providing support to 21 full-time faculty members, nearly 350 undergraduate and graduate students, 9 teaching assistants and 6–12 lecturers. (more)
  • Allyson Tanouye, faculty specialist and director at the Student Affairs Counseling and Student Development Center
    For 20 years Tanouye has provided a multitude of on-campus support services to students ranging from career counseling, support of distressed students and delivery of mental health services. (more)

Faculty Diversity Enhancement Award

The Faculty Diversity Enhancement Award from the UH Mānoa Commission on Inclusion and Diversity recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to enhancing diversity.

  • Barbara Bruno, faculty specialist at the UH Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
    In her 20-year tenure, Bruno has served in a variety of roles. Her strategic vision, empathy and drive have enriched the lives of students and faculty throughout the UH System. (more)

Peter V. Garrod Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award

Established by the UH Mānoa Graduate Division in 2005, the Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award allows graduate students to nominate faculty for excellent mentoring, one of the foundations of outstanding graduate education.

  • Jon-Paul Bingham, assistant professor and graduate chair at the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering (MBBE)
    Bingham has engaged MBBE graduate students to take responsibility for planning their future careers and professional goals, thus empowering them to prosper from their UH Mānoa education. (more)

Cooperative Education Student of the Year

Integrating classroom study with planned and supervised work, the Mānoa Career Center recognizes an outstanding cooperative education student who has made significant contributions in their co-op placements, campus and community.

  • Melissa Henry, undergraduate student in the School of Nursing
    Henry is described as an avid learner who always asks excellent questions. Her commitment to her co-op at Straub Medical Center’s Emergency Department is evidenced by her high quality work. (more)

Outstanding Academic Advisor/Advising Unit Award

The Council of Academic Advisors recognizes an individual or unit who, over the past two years, has demonstrated excellence and/or innovation in advising, and/or has made a significant contribution to the advising community.

Student Excellence in Research (Doctoral Level)

The Student Excellence in Research Award is awarded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in recognition of outstanding scholarly research endeavors by students while they pursue a degree at the doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s level.

  • Mapuana Antonio, Native Hawaiian doctoral student
    Antonio’s research explores associations involving stress, coping, obesity, diabetes and general health among Native Hawaiians. Her publications catalog successful public health programs addressing the mental and physical health of indigenous adolescents. (more)
  • William M. Best, astronomy doctoral student
    Best studies the properties of brown dwarfs (faint gaseous bodies with masses in between planets and stars) that reside in our neighborhood of the galaxy. His dissertation work is yielding new insights about how and when nearby brown dwarfs formed and change over time. (more)
  • Glen M. Chew, doctoral student at the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology
    Chew’s research focuses on understanding mechanisms driving immune dysfunction during chronic viral infections. His research will lead to ways to harness the immune system to prevent, control or eliminate HIV infection and optimize quality of life outcomes. (more)

Student Employee of the Year Award

The Student Employee of the Year Program was created in 1986 by the Mānoa Career Center to recognize and highlight the achievements and contributions of student employees on the UH Mānoa campus.

  • Tyler Lum, undergraduate student in the Department of Biology
    Lum, of the Sea Grant College Program’s Hanauma Bay Education Program, skillfully combines the knowledge he has gained through the UH marine biology program with outreach activities at the nature preserve. (more)

*A separate UH News story will be published recognizing all the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research and the Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching honorees.