Sumner La Croix

The Cliometrics Society has awarded the “Clio Can” to University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa economics Professor Emeritus Sumner La Croix. The annual award recognizes leading scholars in economic history who have provided exceptional service to the field of cliometrics.

Cliometrics is the application of economic theory and quantitative analysis to a wide range of historical issues. Cliometricians seek to examine and understand the forces underlying the development of institutions and government in order to understand the long-term patterns of economic and political development throughout the world and provide historical perspective on issues of current importance. 

La Croix will present the Clio Can to the next awardee at the World Congress of Cliometrics in Strasbourg, France, held July 4–7. The University of Hawaiʻi Economic Research Organization is a major sponsor of this year’s World Congress.

More About Sumner La Croix

Sumner La Croix is Professor Emeritus in the UH Mānoa Department of Economics and a research fellow with the University of Hawaiʻi Economic Research Organization. His research focuses on the economic history of Hawaiʻi, institutional change, property rights in land and intellectual property rights in the Asia-Pacific region. La Croix’s articles have recently appeared in leading economics journals, including Research Policy, Journal of Economic History, and International Economic Review.

La Croix is currently finalizing a book on Hawaiʻi’s history entitled, Hawaiʻi: Political and Economic Change from First Canoe to Statehood.

—By Lisa Shirota