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two students working on engine of large truck

Diesel facility at Honolulu Community College.

The diesel technology training program at Honolulu Community College has received accreditation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

The college has been accredited at the highest level of master class, which includes the following areas:

  • diesel engines
  • suspension and steering
  • brakes
  • electrical/electronic systems
  • preventive maintenance

“Now, Hawaiʻi students have another option of attending a local diesel program rather than going to a mainland institute. They can attend Honolulu Community College for a quarter of the price, without the burden of finding housing, transportation, time away from family and peer support,” shares Diesel Instructor Bobby Salvatierra. “NATEF ensures the highest level of quality education for every student who attends our accredited program.”

diesel technology student working on engine part

Diesel students will now benefit from NATEF certification status.

The Honolulu CC diesel technology program is the only NATEF certified training facility in Hawaiʻi. The program has undergone some major changes to get to where it is now that includes working closely with employers semi-annually through its advisory committee meetings. Through these partnerships the program has received various vehicles, scholarships, training and support from the industry it serves.

Many graduates of the program are working with prestigious companies such as Hawthorne Cat, Thomas Service and Repair, Oʻahu Transit Services, Affordable Towing Service and Repair, Roberts Hawaiʻi, Enoa Tours, Island Movers and Nan Inc. to name a few.

“This is great news for automotive-minded young people and their parents,” said Donald Seyfer, former NATEF chair. “Because this program increases cooperation between local education and industry leaders, it gives added assurance that Honolulu Community College’s graduates will be employable entry-level technicians. As a result of the quality education provided by HonCC, the motoring public will benefit since better repair technicians will join the work force.”

Salvatierra added, “I am exited to spearhead this program with the support of the staff of Honolulu Community College. We are here to serve the community by providing high quality entry level technicians ready to work in the diesel field.”

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