Kapiʻolani Community College Staff Council

The Staff Council of Kapiʻolani Community College officially ratified bylaws for the first time in the organization’s existence. The signing ceremony on June 27, was supported by a unanimous vote in favor of the bylaws from the Staff Council membership. More than 40 staff members gathered for this occasion to sign the bylaws in person and were accompanied by campus faculty and administrators who supported the event.

Chair Lee Ann DeMello explained that the signing ceremony serves as a milestone which supports campus governance, one of the criteria for evaluation in the upcoming 2018 Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Accreditation. The Staff Council’s bylaws will honor the campus policy on governance—“Governance at Kapiʻolani Community College.”

Chancellor Louise Pagotto praised the Staff Council’s Board of Representatives for their efforts, saying, “I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Staff Council, who put together a remarkable program of activities and who nurtured the participation in the development of the bylaws from all constituent groups. You’ve done a great job. And a very special thanks to and appreciation for the driving force in 2016–2017: Lee Ann DeMello.”

The Staff Council was included in the campus authorized governance organization structure to provide an official voice for staff members, which includes administrative professionals, technical experts, clerical staff and janitorial staff at the campus. According to the campus governance policy, the Staff Council was established in 2000 by then-Provost John Morton with its original mission to “provide a formal voice and organization representing the staff in the administration of the campus, while offering avenues to enhance the professionalism, skills and competencies of our staff members, creating a working atmosphere of respect, dignity, equality and cooperation.”

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