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large group of people holding certificates
Distinguished alumni from the Department of Learning Design and Technology

The Department of Learning Design and Technology (LTEC) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s College of Education celebrated their 50th anniversary at a reception on August 5. The celebration honored the many faculty and staff who have contributed to the department and recognized 50 distinguished alumni who have contributed to their field through professional excellence, inspirational leadership, or innovative service benefiting their communities.

Beverly Suemoto receiving Outstanding Contribution Recognition of Distinction Award from Curtis Ho

Alumni honored: Renee Adams, Tod Aeby, Leslie Arakaki, Stephanie Barry, Daniel Boulos, Luisa Castro, Kelvin Chun, Leanne Chun Riseley, Sasily Uilani Corr-Yorkman, David Cypriano, Christian Ganne, Ryan Garcia, Edward Gose, Kelli Goya, Lisa Hasler-Waters, Mary Therese Hattori, Mark Hines, Brent Hirata, Dorothy Hirata, Clinton Iwami, Susan Jaworowski, Gregory Kent, Wendy Laros, Victoria Lowell, Kimble McCann, Rebecca Meeder, William Meinke, Koran Munafo, Patrick Nakamura, Shellie Note-Gressard, Michael-Brian Ogawa, Craig Okumura, Hana Omar, Tracie Ortiz, Michael H. Pecsok, Jim Petersen, Polly Quigley, Meilene Roco, Catherine Roma, Meagan Rothschild, Andrea Shea, Chris Stark, Kimberly Suwa, Hery Yanto The, Beth Tillinghast, Dean Tomita, Mike Travis, Masaru Uchino, Angela Wong Foong Lin, Lilinoe Yong (Go to the College of Education’s story for more on each of the honorees.)

Adding to the celebration, proclamations from Gov. David Ige and the Senate declared August 5 as University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of Learning Design and Technology 50th Anniversary Celebration Day.

—By Jennifer Parks

LTEC celebration guests
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