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rows of posed smiling students wearing the same Shidler t-shirt
2017 Direct Admit Program cohort

The Shidler College of Business welcomed 80 top freshman to the college’s Direct Admit Program for the fall 2017 semester. The direct admit freshman were selected from the 814 pre-business students that were accepted into the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa for the fall 2017 semester.

Only high-achieving high school seniors are invited to be a part of this special program which is geared to help freshmen gain a head start on their business courses. In addition, direct admit students are eligible for Shidler scholarships and have the opportunity to participate in college activities, student clubs and utilize the college’s student and career services.

This year’s class holds an average GPA of 3.84, combined SAT score of 1230, and composite ACT score of 26. Also, 66 percent earned college credits while in high school.

Among the incoming class, 43 percent are from Hawaiʻi public high schools, 29 percent are from U.S. mainland high schools, 24 percent are from Hawaiʻi private schools and 4 percent are from high school located in the Asia Pacific region.

DAP students welcomed to Shidler

The Shidler College of Business held a special orientation reception for DAP students and their families on August 16 in the college’s courtyard.

College advisors, faculty, administrators and students from last year’s DAP cohort were all on hand to answer questions, offer advice and help the freshmen, and their parents, and gain a better understanding of the resources and services available to them. While parents learned more about the program, incoming DAP students were led on a tour of the college’s facilities including the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship and the Internship and Career Services Office.

Download the 2017 DAP cohort flyer (PDF) or visit the Shidler College of Business DAP website for additional information.

—By Dolly Omiya

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