John with his dog on his lap
Robert St. John and Abe. Photo credit: April Jesse.

Out Loud in the Library! at Windward Community College presents a reading of Saving Mofo—a new play by award-winning playwright Robert St. John—on Thursday, September 14, 5:30–7 p.m. at Hale Laʻakea Library on the Windward campus. The reading is free and open to the public.

Saving Mofo explores the adventures of Rachel, a young woman with a lot to prove. Her first day at her new job comes with several surprises, but she’s up for it. In fact, she shows up early to make a good first impression. But a lot can go wrong in a pet store. The business has sides to it which Rachel knows nothing about. She thought she would be handling kittens and puppies, but “Fins and Feathers” isn’t that kind of store. And the lessons of the job are not the ones she expected. And neither are the animals she is expected to sell.

Out Loud in the Library! is a literary and music event celebrating the rich intersection of words and music by local artists, and is meant to inspire and encourage students and community members to find their own creative voice through writing, reading, poetry, music and spoken word.

Saving Mofo will be read by actors Nicolas Logue, Daniel A. Kelin II, Kevin Keaveney, Walt Gaines, Claire Edwards and others.

More about the featured artists

  • Robert St. John
    St. John has been teaching theatre and writing original plays with students at Le Jardin Academy since 1990. In 2014, he won a national teaching grant from the American Alliance for Theater and Education (AATE). He has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Oregon and has helped to organize student play writing events with TAG, PlayBuilders Hawaiʻi and Honolulu Theater for Youth. Saving Mofo won the Best Play Award at the PlayBuilders PlayFestival earlier this year.
  • Nicolas Logue
    Logue is an assistant professor of theatre at Windward CC, as well as an accomplished game designer, Asian theatre director and fight choreographer. He received a special recognition at the PlayBuilders PlayFestival this year for his portrayal of the foul-mouthed parrot “Mofo” in Saving Mofo.
  • Daniel A. Kelin II
    Kelin has been the director of drama education at Honolulu Theater for Youth since 1987. He is a past president of AATE and has won numerous teaching and acting awards as well as awards for his plays and books about teaching theatre.
  • Kevin Keaveney
    Keaveney is an award-winning local actor and director. He has played lead roles in several local comic and dramatic productions and is the founder and artistic director of the Kailua Onstage Arts Theatre. Keaveney is currently creating a new, original play festival for windward residents. He is a graduate of Yale University.
  • Walt Gaines
    Gaines is a theatre instructor at Le Jarden Academy. He holds an MFA in ensemble theatre from the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre and an MA in theatre from UH Mānoa. He has worked with students for years to create original and devised works of theatre. Gaines has appeared on Hawaiʻi 5-0 and in numerous local theatre productions.
  • Maile Holck
    Holck has been a Honolulu Theatre for Youth company member for nine years. She has worked in theatre nationally and internationally. Holck holds a BA in theatre arts from the University of Northern Colorado and an MFA in acting from the University of Washington.
  • Claire Edwards
    Edwards is a senior theatre student at Le Jardin Academy and an award-winning playwright. She will be reading the role of “Rachel,” the young protagonist in Saving Mofo.

For more information, contact English instructor and Out Loud in the Library! coordinator Susan St. John via email or call at (808) 236-9226.

—By Bonnie Beatson