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Sang Lee (center) presides over the re-enactment of the traditional Korean wedding ceremony with students.

The Korean program in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoaʻs Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures is the largest and strongest in the country in terms of faculty, curriculum and degree programs. The program’s Korean Language Flagship Center trains American students to speak Korean as professionals in their chosen academic or professional fields.

In addition to extensive overseas study and intensive courses at UH Mānoa, flagship students earned scholarships to continue their academic work at UH and abroad:

  • Aaron Allen (ROTC-Flagship scholarship)
  • Jennifer Lee, Brianna Leisure, Holly Moehlman, and Benjamin Yi (Foreign Language and Area Studies summer
  • Ingrid Adams, Kyle Akuya, Emerson Allen, Jerel Berselona, Krystal Lopez, Victoria Meza, Kai Hong So, Adam-Jacob Sojot, Erica Vinluan, and Jade Young (Korean Language Flagship Center summer scholarships)
  • Lacey Bonner (Center for Korean Studies Dong-Jae Lee Scholarship)
  • Xiu Ju Conney (Gilman scholarship)
  • Soo Youn Kim (Center for Korean Studies undergraduate scholarship)
  • Eloise Morris (Boren scholarship)
  • Victoria Meza (Center for Korean Studies undergraduate scholarship)

Read more program highlights at the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature website.

—By Dyan Kleckner

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