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people excavating a human skeleton
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people excavating a human skeleton

A first-of-its-kind forensics workshop, developed by the John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Outreach College and UH West Oʻahu, earned an award from the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators for best non-credit course.

Human Skeleton in Forensic Anthropology and Medicine was a one-week intensive workshop, held in July, that covered the analysis of human skeletal remains as they relate to forensic anthropology and forensic medicine. Students received classroom and laboratory training utilizing a broad array of learning materials including contemporary skeletons in the John A. Burns School of Medicine Department of Anatomy.

The workshop was divided into two components—human osteology and forensic anthropology and field recovery of human remains in a forensic setting. Students analyzed a known-identity human skeleton and compiled a biological profile consisting of the individual’s age at death, sex, ancestry, stature, bone disease and trauma.

“I want to acknowledge Adjunct Anatomy Professor Robert “Bob” Mann, who initially conceived the idea and whose commitment made the course happen,” said Scott Lozanoff, professor and chair of the Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology at the medical school. Lozanoff also singled out Sandra von Doetinchem of Outreach College for providing outstanding leadership, and the faculty and staff at UH West Oʻahu for their expertise and collegiality.

“The Human Skeleton in Forensic Anthropology and Medicine workshop in July represents the gold standard of collaboration between our campuses,” said Jennifer Byrnes, an assistant professor of Anthropology at UH West Oʻahu. “Capitalizing on each campus’s strengths, such as access to known skeletal remains and lab space at the medical school and our UH West Oʻahu land, archaeological expertise and certificate in applied forensic anthropology program and faculty, empowers the UH System to offer a unique training experience to local, mainland and international professionals and students.”

Read the full story at the John A. Burns School of Medicine website.

—By Tina Shelton

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