Five men take a picture with an instagram cutout frame.
Image from JABSOM

Nearly 1,000 men, including University of Hawaiʻi students, faculty, staff, administrators, regents and coaches, participated in the 23rd Annual Men’s March Against Violence on Thursday, October 12. The mission of the Men’s March Against Violence is to end domestic violence throughout Hawaiʻi and to address the complex and costly issue as it affects families, communities and the workplace. One in five employed adults is a victim of domestic violence.

President Lassner honored

UH President David Lassner was also honored with the Distinguished Citizen of the Year award.

The award read: “Menʻs March Against Violence Distinguished Citizen Award 2017, in recognition of [Lassner’s] unwavering leadership in the University of Hawaiʻi system to support gender responsive training, programming and awareness in the interests of safety, freedom and equality for student success. Spirited engagement and effective action on campuses statewide are favorably impacting students and campus communities. The generosity, dependability and enthusiasm for improving campus climate, faculty and student experiences has a far reaching impact and serves the best interests of Hawaiʻi.”

Lassner said, “Throughout the journey we have already become a safer institution, a better institution and, at this point, even if the federal government doesnʻt force us to do anything, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to be safe for everyone who crosses our doors.”

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