Administration of Justice students

Honolulu Community College and the National Disaster Training Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) partnered to offer a Security Management training session for administration of justice students and security professionals. Participants who successfully completed the training earned a nationally recognized Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certificate.

“I felt the training was great because I learned how to assess man-made disasters. I also learned how to deal with cascading events and how to safely prepare and react to them. The instructors were very professional and intelligent. I learned a lot from them,” shared student Kaipo Yamamoto.

The NDPTC is authorized to develop and deliver training and educational programs related to homeland security and disaster management, with a specific focus on natural hazards, coastal communities and the special needs and opportunities of islands and territories.

Honolulu CC and the NDPTC are working to explore additional joint training opportunities for students in the near future. The NDPTC actively engages internally with FEMA.


—By Billie Lueder