It came from beyond our stars, and these are the researchers who proved it. Astronomers Karen Meech and Richard Wainscoat discuss the discovery of the first proven interstellar object in the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation video Finding ʻOumuamua—The IfA team that discovered the Interstellar Visitor.

Multimedia Specialist Bryan Keith interviews Meech and Wainscoat at the Institute of Astronomy giving amazing insight to the experience that these researchers had during the October discovery, despite being thousands of miles apart.

This is the first in a future series of social media videos bringing interest and pride to the work and experiences of UH students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Pan-STARRS1 near the summit of Haleakalā, Maui at dawn. (Photo credit: Rob Ratkowski)

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  1. For me, as somebody from “outside”, astronomy is a very exciting field. I am crossing my fingers for your further researches.

  2. A suggestion: NASA/Google-AI might find more interstellar comets by examining all the telescope photography of the past century (most of it is in the recent decades); (Compare NASA announced today that their use of Google AI found an eighth planet around star Kepler-90, (ARC RELEASE 17-098); and Google AI is of-course Artificial Intelligence, not Astrobiology Institute).

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