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The Honolulu CC team. Front row, from left, Ashlynn Williams, Nicole Cuaresma and Rona Lapada. Second row, from left, Wade Parker, Allen Chon and Steven Brub.

A Honolulu Community College student team placed 4th at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show (IBS) in the Associate Programs category at the International Residential Construction Management Competition in Orlando, Florida in early January. The team is comprised of architectural, engineering, CAD technology and construction management students.

The NAHB competition gives students the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to a real construction company by completing a management project/proposal. Proposals are submitted to a group of construction company executives who act as judges. During the convention, students defend their proposals to the judges in front of an audience. This competition is held in conjunction with the IBS.

All the work required in the competition was done on the students’ own time outside of class.

Second-year construction management student Allen Chon said that the competition was an unforgettable experience and enhances what is taught in the program while encouraging students to pursue new opportunities.

Home building professionals from around the world attended this year’s IBS—the biggest component of the annual Design and Construction Week®. The events drew more than 85,000 attendees.

“This competition has taught me endurance and has given me the experience I need in the construction field,” team member Rona Lapada said. “I recommend more students as well as our university to take a closer look into this competition and its requirements. It’s great to have represented our state as well as our school!”

The Honolulu CC team sponsors:

  • Building Industry Association Hawaiʻi
  • Elite Pacific Construction
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Pacific Architects, Inc.

—By Billie Lueder

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