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Keiki Hauʻoli Children’s Center has an infant, toddler and preschool program.

Honolulu Community College’s Keiki Hauʻoli Children’s Center was recently reaccredited for five years by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Nationally only 8 percent of all programs in the nation meet the rigorous standards set forth by NAEYC. Hauʻoli is proud to be counted as 1 of only 7,000 programs to receive this honor.

“It takes a lot of commitment to remain accredited. Staff, families, ECE (Early Childhood Education) faculty and students, advisory board members, Honolulu CC administration, and many Honolulu CC faculty and staff, worked diligently over the past five years to help the Center maintain a high level of excellence,” shared Janina Martin, Keiki Hauʻoli Children’s Center site coordinator.

With an eye toward continuous quality improvement and multiple measures of self-evaluation, Keiki Hauʻoli is looking forward to serving the families of the Honolulu CC campus for many years to come.

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  1. I am so proud of you folks.
    I am here on Kauaʻi struggling to get my ECED degree (AS) So I can continue on with my bachelors in sped eced inclusive through Manoa. God Willing.
    I am Hawaiian Kumu and my dream is to open a Trilingual all inclusive Child Care facility that starts at infant to 5 years old. By tri-lingual i mean Hawaiian, ASL, and Hawaiian Creole. English is a given wherever you go.
    But I am a Tutu of 24 and A disabled 53 year old so my Waiʻaleʻale funds have rin out. My State DVR funds will end when I puka kula in May. Then I donʻt know if I will have any help.
    I love NAEYC and all it stands for. I have 9 Of my own grown children and 24 of my own moopuna. I believe in their standards even before they enforced them. Because itʻs just PONO.
    Aloha. Tutu Mama Kūhaulua

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