William S. Richardson School of Law students in the Richardson courtyard.

The William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa tops the nation as the best school for Asian students, according to the Winter 2018 issue of preLaw Magazine.

The law school’s percentage of Asian students is 23.9, with 47.9 percent of the faculty of Asian background, according to most recent statistics available to preLaw.

The magazine quotes the UH law school Dean Avi Soifer, who notes that diversity has always been part of the school’s strengths. “Diversity is not simply recognized, it’s celebrated,” he said.

Soifer said the UH law school attracts many students of Asian descent because of its rich offering in Asian law courses and its Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program and certificate. There are classes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino law, offerings that are major pluses in a globalized world that continues to draw Asian-related legal work to U.S. law firms, he said.

In the same preLaw Winter 2018 issue, UH was ranked among the 25 best law schools for clerkships, considered important learning experiences and networking opportunities for recent graduates. The article points out that clerkships offer experience in research, writing and legal analysis, which are important skills for all types of law, and help familiarize newly minted graduates with courts and judicial proceedings.

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For the full story and more on the fellowship, go to the law school’s website.

—By Beverly Creamer