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On March 21, U.S. congressional leaders reached an agreement on a fiscal year 2018 omnibus appropriations bill that would fund the federal government through September 30.

The measure provides much-needed and much-appreciated funding increases for research and higher education. The House approved the deal on March 22, and the Senate is expected to do the same by the end of the week, barring last-minute obstacles. The bill would then head to the White House where President Trump is expected to sign it into law.

The $1.3 trillion omnibus budget bill includes an increase in the maximum Pell grant, increases in programs that support Native Hawaiian education and health, and increases for nearly all agencies and programs that fund research and training opportunities for which UH competes.

APLU released a statement applauding the agreement.

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The omnibus bill did not include any resolution or agreement on DACA, which means the program continues to face an uncertain future.