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students walking on McCarthy Mall

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Facilities—Mānoa Campus: Framework for the Future team is evaluating ways to improve pedestrian and other access pathways throughout its campus. To this end, the team is seeking a better understanding of current movement patterns of the campus community. To help with this, they have partnered with MK Think to install devices that count the presence of wi-fi signals from mobile or other devices without registering any identifiable data or information. These devices will remain in place throughout the fall semester.

The data collected will be used to generate “heat maps” of activity on the campus. By analyzing how the heat maps change during different times of day, times of year and under various conditions, such as rainy or sunny weather, planners will be able to visualize patterns of use. Those patterns can guide decisions on future improvements to the campus such as additional lighting, bike and/or skateboard racks, outdoor seating, kiosk locations, etc.

The heat map analysis is part of a greater effort to improve the Mānoa campus and facilities planning. Community input is encouraged, and anyone can share their thoughts with a map-based feedback tool. The feedback site seeks to establish how people use the campus and identify what areas of campus may be in need of improvement to better enhance the overall educational experience for the campus community.

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