Artist sketch of Merri

Melissa Merrit, image by Paddy Mills, Nature

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center’s Melissa Merritt has been recognized by Nature as an up-and-coming researcher in her field. Merritt was one of 11 early- to mid-career scientists profiled in the publication’s “world at their feet” list.

Nature describes these rising stars this way: “Their initiative, curiosity and flexibility have given them an edge in a competitive research environment.”

Merritt trained in cancer epidemiology and molecular biology, and is now an assistant researcher at the UH Cancer Center. The Nature profile highlighted her methodological approach to evaluate the risk of dietary factors in cancer, as well as her work on the effects of common drugs on ovarian cancer.

At the UH Cancer Center, Merritt is researching how hormone-altering chemicals found in many products could affect a woman’s chances of developing endometrial cancer.

The researchers chosen for Nature’s “world at their feet” list were assessed using the power of the Nature Index and the League of Scholars Whole-of-Web rankings. The analysis included active researchers who have published at least one paper in the 82 index journals in 2017, and whose first scientific paper appeared less than 20 years ago.

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