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room filled with tall blue cones
The Indoor Antenna Range in the Hawaiʻi Center for Advanced Communications.

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to join their highly successful Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility (CEMC). This joint venture with UH, the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Houston makes CEMC one of the largest electromagnetic research focused groups in the world.

This collaboration will broaden the application of electromagnetics in research areas particularly active at UH Mānoa—wireless technologies, medical measurement/patient monitoring, and reinforcement/machine learning and optimization methods for renewable energy applications, quantum-scale engineering and liquid metals for reconfigurable microwave circuits.

The grant was made possible through the efforts of UH Mānoa electrical engineering Professor Magdy Iskander, his team at the Hawaiʻi Center for Advanced Communications (HCAC) and colleagues from across the College of Engineering. HCAC will oversee UH‘s involvement in CEMC.

‘Through this award, we leverage NSF funding to enable a long-term and sustainable industry relevant research program that is based on partnership among industry, academe and government, ’ said Iskander. ‘NSF funds together with secured required industry memberships will enable the establishment of a half-a-million dollar Industry-University Cooperative Research Center. ’

Aided by an industrial advisory board that includes representatives from from more than 25 high-tech and technology-related corporations, such as Apple, IBM, Intel, Boeing, Cisco and Sony, and the new addition of Raytheon, Hawaiian Electric Company, SPAWAR and L3 Technologies from UH, CEMC has cultivated an impressive track record for developing techniques and materials to improve the speed and reliability of electronics, with applications in aerospace, communications, renewable energy, biomedical and electromagnetic compatibility and interference technologies.

High-tech industry gathering of the year at UH

The board will hold its inaugural meeting November 6–9 at the East-West Center.

Registration is free and attendance from local high-tech companies is welcome. Attendees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. For meeting registration and additional information, visit the HCAC conference website or contact Iskander at (808) 956-3434.

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