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The State of Hawaiʻi will be converting to a new payroll system, the Hawaiʻi Information Portal (HIP). The new system is a significant upgrade to a modern, more reliable payroll application. The transition will begin in December 2018 and be completed by January 2019. HIP will continue to provide the online features University of Hawaiʻi employees are accustomed to, including convenient access to payroll information.

Unfortunately, employees who are currently subscribed to direct deposit for payroll must enter their financial institution and banking information directly into HIP. This is because the current bank and credit union direct deposit details of all state employees in the state’s old payroll system are not formatted in a way that they can be moved to HIP.

Additionally, under the new HIP system, employees will be able to direct their deposit to multiple financial institutions in Hawaiʻi and on the mainland.

Your action is required for the new payroll system

To prepare for HIP enrollment, you will need to

  • Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your UH Account https://www.hawaii.edu/hawaiipay/mfa/ by November 30, 2018. You will not be able to access HIP without completing this step.

The MFA improves UH account security by protecting personal and institutional information through an extra layer of protection on top of your UH password. Along with your UH username and password, MFA requires authentication through a device such as smartphone, landline, passcodes or hard token every time you login to a UH account for Gmail or other functions.

Possess all relevant banking information on the Direct Deposit Worksheet Form:

For help identifying your routing and account numbers:

For more information:

When will I need to set up my MFA and update my direct deposit info?

University officials are in the process of confirming the HIP enrollment period. Currently, it is tentatively scheduled for December 3–December 14, 2018. However, this is subject to deferral. Employees will need to set up their MFA before they update their direct deposit info.

Help is here

If you need assistance setting up your UH MFA, please contact the ITS Help Desk (808) 956-8883, toll free (neighbor isles) (800) 558-2669 and/or by email at help@hawaii.edu

For assistance regarding the new payroll system, contact the Hawaiʻi Information Portal Service Center via hip@hawaii.gov or (808) 201-SERV [7378].

Thank you to everyone for their patience and cooperation during this transition to a payroll system that will better serve all state employees.