Jeffrey Berenberg and Jared Acoba with their certificates
Jeffrey Berenberg and Jared Acoba

University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center researchers and physicians have been acknowledged for their contributions to community-based cancer research, and for enrolling cancer patients to National Cancer Institute treatment and cancer control clinical trials. The National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) recognized people from all over the country for outstanding achievements between 2017 and 2018.

“The six clinical faculty members and researchers honored by NCORP demonstrate the focus of the UH Cancer Center on community-based research and cancer clinical trial participation,” said Director Randall Holcombe. “We want to make sure that everyone in Hawai‘i has access to cancer clinical trials in order to improve response to treatment, increase the chance of cure and prolong survival.”

The Hawaiʻi Minority/Underserved NCORP at the UH Cancer Center received recognition in the Platinum Award category.

Wade Kyono, a clinical faculty member, received a Gold Award for enrolling 20–39 patients.

Four UH Cancer Center physicians were honored with Silver Awards, achieving 10–19 enrollments during the last year:

  • Jared Acoba, assistant professor
  • Jeffrey Berenberg, professor and principal investigator of the Hawaiʻi NCORP program based out of the UH Cancer Center
  • Jonathan Cho, adjunct professor
  • Ronald Yanagihara, clinical faculty

Virginia McMahon, assistant clinical manager, received a retirement recognition celebrating her 30-year career contribution to community-based cancer research.

—By Nana Ohkawa