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Two University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa College of Education faculty members and an academic advisor published books about educational topics, including one that helps a child cope when her mother goes on a business trip.

Living Teacher Education in Hawaiʻi: Critical Perspectives, edited by Richard T. Johnson, Curriculum Studies and Sarah Jane Twomey

This book shares personalized experiences of current teacher education practices in Hawaiʻi and critically analyzes these practices from local and global perspectives. The creative personalized stories engage the teacher in a multitude of educational interactions as they offer a fresh perspective on how teachers and teacher educators make sense of their personal and practical experiences through critical lenses. Published by UH Press. Read more about Living Teacher Education in Hawaiʻi.

Dunhuang Grottoes & Global Education: Philosophical, Spiritual, Scientific, and Aesthetic Insights, written by Xu Di, Department of Educational Foundations

This book analyzes the murals and texts of the Dunhuang Grottoes, one of the most famous sites of cultural heritage on the Silk Road in Northwest China, from an educational perspective. The Dunhuang Grottoes are well known in the world for their stunning beauty and magnificence, but the teaching of Dunhuang advocates a philosophical perspective that cosmos, nature and humanity are an interconnected whole, and that all elements function interactively according to universal and relational principles of continuity, cause-and-effect, spiritual connection and enlightenment. Read more about Dunhuang Grottoes & Global Education.

Emma’s Adventure: Mommy’s Work Trip, written by Alyssa Kapaona, Office of Student Academic Services

This book is for young children and based on Kapaona’s experience of leaving her daughter for the first time to attend a conference. She wanted a way to explain the abstract nature of working in higher education to her young child. In Emma’s Adventure, Kapaona combines her knowledge of early childhood education and her love of writing to create a story. Published with assistance from the Curriculum Research and Development Group.