The word 'congratulations' in front of green leaves

The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates July 2019 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 years

Chang, Beverly M L
Office Assistant, Honolulu CC

Cromwell, James L.
Instructional and Student Support, UH West Oʻahu

Hall, Victoria A K
Office Assistant, UH Mānoa

Henderson, Marcia M
Janitor, Kapiʻolani CC

O’Grady, William D
Professor, UH Mānoa

Ogata, Kathleen K
Associate Professor, Kapiʻolani CC

Oshiro, Scott K
Institutional Support, UH System

20 years

Ancheta, Pepito Jr.
Janitor, Leeward CC

Chong, Vanessa M L
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Gomes, Kinohi C
Academic Support, UH Mānoa

Guerrero, Anthony
Professor, UH Mānoa

Helgeson, Grant Erin
Instructor and Student Support, Leeward CC

Kamibayashi, Jacob J
Research Support, UH Mānoa

Kunimura, Randal A
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Matsumoto, Vail S
Assistant Professor, UH Mānoa

Uyehara, Richard Akira
Janitor, UH Mānoa

10 years

Hanaoka, Sharla A
Assistant Specialist, UH West Oʻahu

Kleckner, Dyan R
Information, Events and Publication, UH System

Sugihara-Chang, Abby
Institutional Support, UH Mānoa

Sun, Dianqing
Associate Professor, UH Hilo

Urschitz, Johann
Assistant Professor, UH Mānoa