Exterior of the Law building

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa William S. Richardson School of Law has again received top rankings among the nation’s outstanding law schools in the 2020 edition of The Princeton Review.

Included among the nation’s 169 best schools, the UH law school ranked:

  • #2—Greatest Resources for Minority Students
  • #3—Most Chosen by Older Students
  • #3—Most Diverse Faculty
  • #5—Best for State and Local Clerkships

This is the first year that The Princeton Review has included state and local clerkships as one of its rankings and the UH law school joined the 10 schools highlighted in this category.

The annual evaluation ranks law schools from 1 to 10 in 14 categories.

“We are gratified when Richardson law school excels in national evaluations,” said Dean Avi Soifer. “We have exceptional students and they receive an outstanding education at Richardson. But the support the students give each other and the sense of close connection among faculty, students, and staff cannot be quantified. Our law school features a uniquely nurturing environment.”

UH law students noted that they feel close to one another at Richardson. Everyone at Mānoa “recognizes that they’re in it together,” said one student, “not just in school but in the small law community of Hawaiʻi after graduation.” The “cohorts are very tight” and they “make it a point to look out for each other.”

Students also commented that they enjoy access to the beauty of Hawaiʻi. Others pointed to the “very decent computer lab that always has open computers,” and “good law librarians who are always willing to help.”

For more, read the full story on the law school’s website.

—By Beverly Creamer