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The University of Hawaiʻi is better equipped to exchange information almost instantly with countries across the Pacific through a partnership with RAM Telecom International, Inc. (RTI). This partnership allows the UH System to connect Hawaiʻi to the continental U.S., Guam and beyond through the SEA-US submarine fiber cable system.

UH, together with RTI and other regional research and educational partners in the Pacific region, are working to expand their network with the soon-to-be-completed new submarine fiber optic cable system called JGA (Japan-Guam-Australia) that increases the number of systems using Guam as a hub for high capacity connections in the western Pacific region.

“Many of these islands are hundreds or thousands of miles away from another land mass,” said UH Vice President for Information Technology and CIO Garret T. Yoshimi. “The ability for our UH community to communicate and collaborate throughout the region using these modern high-capacity, submarine fiber-optic cable systems, I think, is absolutely critical to make sure that we can do the best job that we can do for our University of Hawaiʻi community, as well as for our global stakeholders.”

Through these submarine cable assets, UH has the capacity to share data with their partners locally, nationally and globally.

Learn more about the newest underwater cable system through the UH System and RTI presentation video.

s e a u s ship
A SEA-US landing ship in California
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