Students in one of Palakiko Yagodich’s classes received a warm welcome back in the form of a video from the Kapiʻolani Community College assistant professor near the end of the spring break.

Palakiko Yagodich

In his homespun, local style, from a garden-like setting, he issued a soothing invitation to the new reality of remote classes.

In the video, Yagodich explains how his planning shifted when the University of Hawaiʻi decided to extend online classes until the end of the semester, and he encourages the students not to worry and to stay tuned.

Yagodich also told Kapiʻolani CC Chancellor Louise Pagotto that he had developed a new level of respect for online teachers.

He wrote, “I (am) trying to do more with online technology, not just announcements, but lessons, zoom class sessions, online testing, projects, homework, assignments, etc. I (am) excited to take my teaching abilities to the next level. Watch me 🙂 Let’s do this!”

—By Kelli Trifonovitch