Congratulations, and purple flowers

The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates June 2020 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 Years

Asato, Maris Y
Office Assistant, Hawaiʻi CC

Frost, Donald
Assistant Professor, Honolulu CC

Kinoshita, Kellie
Secretary, UH Mānoa

Matsushita, Layne M
Agricultural Research Technician IV, UH Mānoa

Mau, Dona Woon Yee
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Sanders, Stacy S
Institutional Support, UH System

20 Years

Aquino, Erica Aloang
Media Design and Production, UH System

Basa, Eric T
Media Design and Production, UH System

Hanakawa, Christine S
Assistant Extension Agent, UH Mānoa

Hom, Shanna Puanani
Institutional Support, Kapiʻolani

Honda, Erica P
Academic Support, UH Hilo

Lin, Haosheng
Astronomer, UH Mānoa

Marcello, John C
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Ogasawara, Scott K
Information Technology, UH System

Nirei, Miles T
Allied Health and Safety, UH System

Pua-Kaipo, Lily U
Secretary, UH Hilo

Shigemoto, Steven T
Institutional Support, Honolulu CC

Uyeda, D-Anne M
Enterprise Operations, UH Mānoa

10 Years

Aga, Anoilani Akem
Physical Plant Management, UH Mānoa

Amaral, Lisa Ann C E
Instructional and Student Support, UH Hilo

Andrade-Morioka, A
Instructional and Student Support, UH Hilo

Goo, Roy Alan S H
Associate Professor, UH Hilo

Meilgaard, Justin C
Institutional Support, UH Mānoa

Oikawa, Shelly
Enterprise Operations, UH Mānoa

Tagalicod, Rayna A I
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Trifonovitch, Kelli K
Events and Publications, UH System