Kathleen Cabral
Kathleen Cabral

Leeward Community College’s Director of Marketing and Communications Kathleen Cabral takes nationwide listeners on her marketing journey in a new podcast series, “Peer and Simple.” The podcast is hosted by the National Council of Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR).

Cabral’s guest segment, The Secrets of Long Term Success in the Business, explores her use of a theatre background as inspiration for the marketing office at Leeward CC. As the 2020 NCMPR National Communicator of the Year, she recounts tales of her 30 years in the industry—and how she stays open to discovering new and better ways of telling the Leeward CC story.

“Over the years, through my participation in the UH Community Colleges Marketing Team and NCMPR, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a mentor to many communicators working at community colleges. I truly cherish this role. I learn as much from them as they do from me,” said Cabral. “I encourage everyone to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The art of discovery is critical to creativity! Personally, I don’t like doing the same thing year after year. Shake things up and always remember the goal is to convey a message as clearly and with as much impact as possible. The key to longevity is to love what you do. I’ve been very lucky in that respect. I love Leeward!”

NCMPR’s “Peer and Simple” podcast puts the spotlight on members and provides a forum for sharing personal experiences and expertise in various aspects of community college marketing and public relations.

Listen to the podcast online at Anchor, or visit the “Peer and Simple” website for other streaming platforms.