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CDC sign
One of the COVID-19 safety signs that will be posted around campus

With the health and safety of the campus community a top priority, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa has undertaken a campus COVID-19 signage initiative for Summer Session II and the broader reopening of campus this fall to encourage healthy practices among students, faculty and staff.

UH Mānoa plans to post about 4,000 signs directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at exterior building entrances and other interior locations throughout the campus.

The posted signage guidelines should be followed by UH Mānoa community members and visitors at all times. The signage highlights physical distancing tips and health guidance instructions that support prevention through enhanced hygiene and disinfection habits.

Posting campus signage is just one of the modifications for buildings and facilities that students, faculty, staff and visitors will see on the Mānoa campus when in-person instruction resumes.

This supplements other guidelines posted June 8 on the Space Planning, Preparation and Utilization webpage that are also based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, in addition to input from the UH Mānoa COVID-19 Health Committee.

For more on the groups working on the UH Mānoa fall 2020 semester, see the Moving Forward website.

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