Kapiolani C C summer camp 2020 graphic

Kapiʻolani Community College’s Summer Camp kicks off soon, and there’s no bug spray required! This week-long professional development event for all University of Hawaiʻi faculty, staff and administrators will take place virtually, via Zoom, on the mornings of August 3–7.

The event is free and open to all UH employees. There is something for everyone, from interactive presentations, opportunities to peek into and discuss virtual classrooms and learning solutions to wellness activities, such as “Zoom-ba” (Zumba via Zoom).

Summer Camp will feature exciting keynote speakers, as well as more than 30 sessions in various formats. These include small-group, discipline-specific discussions that allow for a deep dive into challenges and strategies relevant to each instructional discipline, a series of panel discussions focused on student and academic support, and engaging and thought-provoking sessions covering a range of topics to help participants prepare for the fall semester, from pedagogy and technology to health and wellness.

First Summer Camp

This is the inaugural year for Kapiʻolani CC‘s virtual Summer Camp event. It’s one of several ways the campus is leveraging the current conditions as an opportunity to innovate and bring people together to learn and grow. While professional development opportunities at the campus are often limited by space and budget, a purely digital platform alleviates both constraints and has allowed the campus to extend these opportunities to colleagues across the UH system.

Jamie Sickel, instructional designer at Kapiʻolani CC and member of the planning team, said, “It was truly our ‘head counselor’ Youxin Zhang who spurred us to turn this ambitious idea into a reality. She threw it out there, and several of us grabbed it and ran with it together. Our administration is amazingly supportive and has been very encouraging of re-imagining the status quo in the midst of so many changes as of late. We’re really looking forward to this event and hopefully other opportunities to come together as a wider community moving forward!”

The Kapiʻolani CC team of ‘camp counselors’ coordinating Summer Camp includes instructional designers Sickel and Zhang, institutional/policy analyst Kara Plamann Wagoner, librarians Joy Oehlers and Joyce Tokuda, and distance education coordinator Leigh Dooley.

UH, Harvard and UC Berkeley

Keynote speakers include:

  • Bert Kimura, lecturer, University of Hawaiʻi and Kansai University: Learning Technologies: The Times They are a Changin’
  • Weiyang Lu, Service Owner/Manager, Instructional Technology, Harvard University: Online Course Migration, Redesign and More
  • Curtis Ho, Professor and Learning Design and Technology Department Chair, University of Hawaiʻi: Keeping Students Engaged Online
  • Sandra Rogers, Instructional Designer, University of California-Berkeley: Online Course Design for Active Learning within the UDL Framework

Registration opens July 20. Check out the schedule of events and register online.

Mosaic of teleconferencing and Kapiolani summer camp logos
Screenshot of launch party for a recent Kapiʻolani CC professional development session.