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headshots of Omidyar cohort
Omidyar Fellows eighth cohort.

The Hawaiʻi Leadership Forum announced 16 local leaders who are joining the eighth cohort of its Omidyar Fellows program, and nine are alumni from the University of Hawaiʻi. The program seeks to cultivate the conditions in which Hawaiʻi thrives by equipping leaders with the skills and cross-sector relationships necessary to collectively affect societal change.

Individuals were selected through a rigorous application process, based on their accomplishments, motivation and ability to make positive change in Hawaiʻi. Their courageous leadership continues to be demonstrated through their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing health and economic crisis.

“One thing that has become incredibly clear to all of us in the last six months is the importance and impact of thoughtful, credible and intentional leadership,” said Bill Coy, director of Omidyar Fellows. “We see leadership as an activity, not a role, and we have appreciated all of those who have stepped forward to diagnose the real and deeper challenges, engage others and intervene skillfully. Cohort VIII joins us at a juncture of critical demands and remarkable opportunity.”

The nine UH alumni who were selected as the eighth cohort of Omidyar Fellows:

For the full list of the eighth cohort, see the Omidyar Fellows website.

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