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Manoa-testing center

The newly established University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Testing Center (MTC) offers support services for UHMānoa faculty. MTC is a valuable resource for faculty adjusting to instruction in the age of COVID-19 and an unprecedented semester with more than 85 percent of all fall courses now online.

Faculty are encouraged to visit the website and consult the “Services by Instructor Type” tab to determine their course eligibility and available services. The requirement to have a final exam has been waived.

Depending on faculty eligibility listed by course type, the following services are offered:

Although MTC may provide additional services, instructors are responsible for creating their own online exams and are expected to run the remote proctoring session through Zoom. MTC will not be responsible for running exam proctoring for an entire class in lieu of instructors.

Online courses must have online exams. Instructors can offer an in-person option but cannot require it. Instructors may not require students to pay for professional online remote proctoring services.

If you would like to volunteer to be a proctor for the Mānoa Testing Center, please visit the MTC website.

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