Meghan Langbehn
Meghan Langbehn

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Athletics’ former “Wonder Woman” has transformed into a real life superhero as she transitioned from a UH Hilo nursing student to a registered nurse at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

Alumna Meghan Langbehn earned the nickname for participating in women’s soccer, running cross country and studying in the UH Hilo nursing program—all in the same semester.

“Everyone thought I was crazy,” Langbehn said. “No one had attempted that before, and for good reason.”

During a typical week as a junior in the fall of 2017, Langbehn would run with her cross country team in the morning, go to classes, practice with her soccer team in the morning or afternoon and then hit the books again until very late at night. On Saturdays, the routine was even more hectic. She would have a race in the morning, and if geography allowed, would take the field with her soccer teammates as a defender in the afternoon.

Langbehn started in a total of 37 career matches on the soccer field before an injury ended her season as a junior. In 2017 and 2018, she was one of the top runners on the cross country team, often the second or third Vulcan to cross the finish line.

As stressful as life sometimes was as a student-athlete, Langbehn’s new world carries a greater responsibility.

“I am working in a career in which human life is in my hands and the practice is always evolving,” Langbehn said. “I am going to be learning for the rest of my life, but that’s ultimately who I am and [what] motivates me.”

For the former “Wonder Woman,” life today is different than it was just a few short years ago.

“I miss being involved in the Hilo community and being able to participate in all my passions at once,” Langbehn said. “I miss the competitive lifestyle of pushing myself each day and inspiring others. I miss the challenge of the astounding time management it all required. I don’t always feel like I was giving any of the three all that I could, but the balancing act was a very valuable education. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.”

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