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University of Hawaiʻi President David Lassner has joined more than 160 college presidents and chancellors in signing a pledge encouraging students to vote through the ALL IN Campus Democracy challenge. The ALL IN challenge urges higher education presidents and chancellors to fully engage students in electoral participation.

“Voting is a critical responsibility of citizenship and a foundation of democracy,” said Lassner in an October 23 message to UH’s 10 campuses reminding everyone to vote, no matter whom they support. “It is one of the most important ways in which we each provide our input on the kind of future we want.”

By signing the pledge, UH is committed to fostering campus cultures that support nonpartisan student civic learning, political engagement and student voter participation in this upcoming election and beyond.

Early voting and same-day registration for the 2020 election is available until Monday, November 2 at voter services centers across the state. A list of voting locations where ballots can be dropped off can be found online. ALL IN has also launched a website to assist students in the voting process, an exclusive perk that comes with Lassner’s signing of the pledge.

Lassner added, “Please make time to consider your ballot choices and be sure to vote!”