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Congratulations, and purple flowers

The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates April 2021 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 Years

Aragon-Balgas, Beatriz
Office Assistant, UH Mānoa

Amore, Teresita D
Assistant Researcher, UH Mānoa

Baker Ladao, Narleen K
Research Support, UH Mānoa

More anniversaries
January 2021
February 2021
March 2021

Chee, Clayton K T
Media Design and Production, UH Mānoa

Domingo, Lucena G
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Hane, Dana Mariko
Institutional Support, UH System

Gaison-Evangelista, Samuelyn
Academic Support, UH Hilo

Gumayagay, Delia D
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Mercado, Richard J
Agricultural Research Technician, UH Mānoa

Okikawa, Noreen Reiko
Instructional and Student Support, UH Mānoa

Tomori, Jeffrey K
Institutional Support, UH System

Tanigawa, Kent K
Media Design and Production, Kauaʻi CC

20 Years

Barruga, Camden A
Media Design and Production, Leeward CC

Fujitani, Earl
Agricultural Research Technician, UH Mānoa

Murata, Vivian N
Instructional and Student Support, UH Mānoa

Miyata, Sandra S
Institutional Support, UH Mānoa

Ticktin, Tamara Beth
Professor, UH Mānoa

10 Years

Chung, Aimee B
Junior Specialist, UH Mānoa

Debruyne, Kristen S
Academic Support, UH West Oʻahu

Fujino, Kelly
Instructional and Student Support, UH West Oʻahu

Fukuda, Lane M
IT Specialist, UH System

Friedman, Brendon M
Assistant Professor, UH Mānoa

Komatsu, Jenna Naomi
Academic Support, UH Mānoa

Kleiber, Eleanor J
Librarian, UH Mānoa

Lake, Margaret R
Assistant Professor, Kauaʻi CC

Melton, Maureen
Information, Events and Publications, UH Mānoa

Ndhlovu, Lishomwa
Professor, UH Mānoa

Rosen, Princess Rose
Libraria, UH Mānoa

Schanzenbach, David L
Information Technology, UH System

Silva, Julie
Instructional and Student Support, UH Mānoa

Yamashita, Robert T J
Instructional and Student Support, Windward CC

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