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Farrington High School student

Free summer classes for W. R. Farrington High School (FHS) ninth graders who faced academic challenges during the pandemic will be offered by Honolulu Community College with the support of $50,000 from the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. The six-week English and math classes will help students get back on track and will be coupled with intensive tutoring to assist with their success. The award will also help current FHS students, who are attending school 100% remotely, with tutoring by Honolulu CC students.

“The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation is deeply concerned with learning loss due to the pandemic and sought partners to help fill the gap using cost-effective and scalable approaches,” said Alex Harris, Castle Foundation’s vice president of programs. “Honolulu Community College’s innovative plan will support Farrington High School students and at the same time help our Honolulu CC student tutors gain valuable teaching experience.”

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Farrington High School student and tutor

Paid Honolulu CC student tutors will provide hundreds of virtual tutoring hours in math, English and social studies until the end of the school year. They will also offer students personal insights into Honolulu CC courses, and encourage FHS students to consider attending college.

“We feel a serious responsibility to support students in our community with academic help, especially during this difficult time. We are so grateful to the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation for their generous contribution which allows us to help to prepare future college students via individual tutoring,” said Karen C. Lee, interim chancellor for Honolulu CC.

FHS Principal Al Carganilla added, “Our students are ambitious and resilient! On behalf of all the students and families we serve, thank you to the Castle Foundation and Honolulu Community College for helping our students overcome socio-economic challenges that were exacerbated by the pandemic, and close the learning gaps. I’m sure our students that need the extra support will utilize it and get back on track for career success.”

FHS students interested in free summer classes or tutoring should contact their counselor.

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Farrington High School students