man and woman in the hyperbaric treatment center

Renovations to the University of Hawaiʻi Hyperbaric Treatment Center (HTC) at the Kuakini Medical Center, originally scheduled for June 28 through August 13, have been delayed. Normal operations will resume throughout the summer. UH was notified by contractors on June 2, that renovations will not begin until mid-October 2021.

The HTC facility at Kuakini Medical Center will undergo a $1.6-million renovation funded by the Hawaiʻi State Legislature. The renovation includes a complete overhaul of the hyperbaric chamber control station, patient monitoring and system upgrades to improve medical care.

When the renovations begin, the Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) has agreed to provide limited emergency hyperbaric services during the HTC renovations. Due to limited capacity, QMC will only be able to admit emergency patients who are stable and without need for other medical interventions. The University of California, San Diego multiplace hyperbaric chamber in San Diego, California will serve as a potential back-up for hyperbaric emergencies that cannot be accommodated at QMC.