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Study abroad students from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa started the summer in Florence, Italy and Seville, Spain in late May.

Students on a stairway
Seville, Span

The 16 students taking classes at Lorenzo de’ Medici, UH Mānoa’s host partner university in Florence, represent architecture, art, business and social science majors. The 15 Seville students, English, biology, creative media, marine biology, microbiology, nursing, social sciences and travel industry management majors, are taking Spanish language classes at the International College of Seville to fulfill their second language requirements.

The students boarded a COVID-19-Free Flight from the U.S. and took a PCR test upon arrival to confirm a negative result.

UH Mānoa Resident Faculty Director Phoebe White reported that the students in Florence were, “Doing great! A little tired after their first day in class, but very excited and in good spirits. They still can’t believe it’s real.”

UH Mānoa Resident Faculty Director Reece Jones said the Seville students too couldn’t believe that they had finally arrived.

Faculty resident director appointments are a unique feature of UH Mānoa study abroad programs that allows faculty to mentor and monitor students abroad while conducting their own research and scholarship.

In mid June, students from public health, nursing and organic chemistry travelled to Ireland, followed by students who will study in Annecy, Angers and Paris, France in July.

Learn more about the summer, semester and year-long programs at the UH Mānoa Study Abroad Center website.

Students seated on stairs
Florence, Italy
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