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Get Vaccinated U H, I did!

The University of Hawaiʻi sent a survey to students at all 10 campuses across the state to find out the latest data on COVID-19 vaccination rates.

The survey was sent out on August 9, two weeks before the start of instruction. Students have until 5 p.m. on August 13 to complete the survey. The results will be announced the following week.

Students should check their emails for a link to the survey.

The survey will update UH administration on vaccination rates since regular testing was announced for those who are not vaccinated. More details on the testing requirements will be announced soon.

According to surveys administered at the end of June, more than 92% of UH students and 95% of UH employees had been vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus or plan to be.

The surveys asked participants for their vaccination status and if they were not planning to be vaccinated, why. The student survey was administered to a stratified, randomized sample based on the student body size of each campus. Of the 1,212 students surveyed, 31.1% responded. The employee survey was sent to all 12,280 UH personnel and had a 49% response rate.

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