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The COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy and Interim COVID-19 Guidelines for the University of Hawaiʻi’s 10 campuses have been updated to include a second COVID-19 testing option and additional guidance for reopening spaces impacted by a positive case as explained below.

Rapid Antigen Testing

A Rapid Antigen Test result report provided by a Department of Health or health care facility will now be accepted for unvaccinated students and employees who require regular testing to be on campus. The results are valid for three calendar days following the test date. The PCR test is the preferred option and is valid for seven calendar days following the test date. UH provides free PCR testing at 24 locations across the state and will also accept test results from a state approved lab facility.

The testing option for unvaccinated students is only available for the fall 2021 semester. Effective January 3, 2022, students must be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus or receive a university approved medical or religious exemption, as part of the UH Student Health Clearance Requirements. Those receiving exemptions will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result weekly.

The update is in section D of the Vaccination and Testing Policy.

Reopening impacted spaces

If more than 24 hours have passed since a positive COVID-19 case was last in a space (classroom, office, etc.), campuses may reopen a space after routine cleaning. This update is consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and is based on clear evidence that surfaces are not a major mode of transmission. The option was added to the UH Interim COVID-19 Guidelines in the “Institutional Safety Practices” section under “Campus Responsibilities to Clean and Disinfect…”

Student resident surveillance testing

Students living on campus may be required to submit to additional surveillance testing when COVID-19 cases arise. The update is in section A of the Vaccination and Testing Policy.

Guidelines and policy updates

The interim guidelines and vaccination and testing policy will continue to be revised based on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and latest county, state and federal guidance. The updates reflect the current pandemic conditions and were made in consultation with the UH President COVID-19 Team and the UH Health and Well-Being working group, made up of UH medical and public health experts.

Mahalo for following the COVID-19 guidelines and policies. They are intended to make our campus environments as safe as possible as learning, teaching and campus operations continue.

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