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Two women at Fushimi Inari shrine
A submission for the 2021 International Photo Contest: Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyōto, Japan

A full array of events at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo celebrated International Education Week (IEW). Through November 19, the UH Hilo Center for Global Education and Exchange has arranged activities online and on campus that showcase food, history, music and scenery from various cultures. The activities are designed to share international education with the entire Vulcan community.

IEW aims to share the essence of cultural exploration and excitement with students in the U.S. who may not have had much international exposure,” said Mika Odaira, a junior at UH Hilo Study Abroad Program advisory.

International food spotlight

UH Hilo’s main dining room has been featuring unique dishes from around the world for the week-long event. Sodexo food services is offering specials from countries such as Cuba, Thailand, France and Spain.

“We know that we may not be able to 100% match the taste [international students] are used to, but it is our hope that we can at least make them feel a little more settled here in Hilo,” said Reid Kusano, catering and retail manager at UH Hilo.

Photo submissions

Collage of international photos
International Education Week photo contest submissions

Students also have an opportunity to cast votes in the international photo contest. Submissions depict photos from student experiences studying abroad, vacationing or other travel experiences. Organizers encouraged participants to share how they saw and experienced cultures from around the world.

International trivia night

Trivia Night activities also share the rich history of the many cultures explored by study abroad. The event aimed to show appreciation for other cultures as well as educate students through history, interesting facts and unique characteristics.

Music around the globe

A collection of music from cultures such as Japan, Korea and Spain are available for this week’s online events. Students submitted songs to a Spotify playlist.

This year’s IEW events were planned by Odaira and her fellow study abroad advisors Jessie Ladouceur and Teagan Maher, alongside Global Education Director Carolina Lam and Global Exchange Director Todd Shumway.

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—By Elena Espinoza

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